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Icom Radio Dealer Saved by Floating Radio

Icom Radio Dealer Saved by Floating Radio

Radio Systems Dealer Greg Wimlett, of Preston-based Radio Service, had cause to be thankful after he accidentally fell from his friend’s Fairline motoryacht on Lake Windermere. He badly gashed his leg as he went overboard and subsequently found it hard to swim for safety. Luckily, his buoyant Icom IC-M33 was in the water next to him, allowing him to alert his wife who immediately came to his rescue.

Greg said, “ It was really dark and I totally misjudged my footing getting into the dinghy and fell into the water. I gashed my leg badly on the propeller and couldn't get back onto the platform of the boat, even my dinghy had drifted away. If it had not been for the fact that I had all my safety gear on including my Icom IC-M33 buoyant radio, I don't think I would be around today to tell this story.”

The IC-M33 was the first floating VHF Marine Handheld radio on the market. Drop it over the side of your boat and it will rise to the surface; and because the IC-M33 is waterproof to IPX-7, it will keep on working.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom (UK) Ltd had previously commeted about the Icom M33, “So many users run the risk of accidentally losing their radios, or going overboard whilst out at sea; commercial operators, training schools, PWC operators, single handed yachtsman…..the IC-M33 is the perfect tool to prevent accidents from happening.”

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