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Icom Re-launches PMR Security Radio Systems

Icom Re-launches PMR Security Radio Systems

Icom UK is re-launching its range of Security Radio systems for the commercial market place. The I-LOC (Security Management System) and I-READ (Guard Tour Management System) provides a host of security applications and Health and Safety benefits. When used in conjunction with other modern security systems, these systems can provide a detailed view of activity and staff deployment in or around a building, high street, docks or workplace. Each radio system is designed to be fully interactive, ensuring dispatchers/supervisors are able to monitor and respond to incidents as they occur as well as the managed prevention of potential incident.

I-READ (Guard Tour Management System)
The I-READ Guard Tour Management System uses a specially adapted Icom radio to scan waypoint badges laid on a predetermined route. This information acts as a time date stamp/ proof of patrolling and is sent back to a central radio base station and stored onto a desktop PC. In addition voice, text and status messages are recorded at the base PC for audit purposes. I-READ is an ideal tool for managing security rounds, asset control and maintenance or even to verify personnel performance.

I-LOC (Security Management System)
The I-LOC Security Management System is similar to I-Read but is zonal, covering an area rather than a specific location. I-LOC uses strategically placed low power beacons around a building, which periodically transmits their identity. A receiver fitted inside an Icom handportable, receives transmissions from the beacons when the user of the portable passes in their vicinity. The identity received by the radio is, according to the mode chosen, transmitted either automatically or by manual action to the base radio placed in the security office and updates the users position. As with I-READ, the I-LOC radio is capable of voice, text and status messaging.

A major benefit of all Icom's system products is their reporting features. All radio traffic is logged and stored on a central database. This is ideal for real time management control and future resource planning including personnel database management. It may provide motivation for staff to perform their assigned tasks and provide conclusive documentation that they have done so. With the addition of the I-LOC/I-READ software product, the reporting features can provide a real-time view of staff resources deployed in or around an area. It can provide a vital audit trail for Health & Safety purposes.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manger at Icom UK Ltd said, 'Our system products satisfy the growing Health and Safety and management demands faced by organisations today. They provide a range of radio emergency alert functions and extensive records/reports on all radio traffic should an organisation need it.'

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