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Icom Supports D-DAY 60th Anniversary Special Event Station

Icom UK has supported a very special event run by the Beaumanor & Garats HaY Amateur Radio Society. The Society operated a special Amateur Radio station from Beaumanor Park where, during the Second World War site the Y-Service received enemy messages to send to Bletchley Park for decoding. Icom UK supplied the organisers with an IC-7400 HF base station.

The Beaumanor site intercepted German Army signals (Wehrmacht) during WWII and played a major part in the D-Day landings and the subsequent push by the Allies into France. The intercepts that they made, and decoded by Bletchley Park, allowed the Allies to know many of the planned movements by the Axis forces of troops and armour. The people at Bletchley Park referred to the staff at Beaumanor as their "Beauties" due to the vital information they intercepted and passed to Bletchley for decoding.

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