Icom Two Way Radio Solution Keeps Students and Teachers Safe at Bournemouth Primary School

Icom Two Way Radio Solution Keeps Students and Teachers Safe at Bournemouth Primary School

The COVID 19 pandemic has affected all walks of life across the globe. None more so than the education sector which saw an immediate shutdown with students having to work from home and lessons conducted remotely. The return to school life sees some significant changes and two-way radio can have a positive impact on making sure that students and classes are organised accordingly. JPS Communication based in Bournemouth supplied Pokesdown Community Primary School in Bournemouth with a two way radio system featuring Icom IC-F2000 UHF radios which has provided immediate benefits including instant communication between all staff, giving more time for the staff to focus on teaching.

Vinnie Edmonds, Director of JPS Communications said, ‘The IC-F2000 two way radio suited the schools needs in terms of achieving site-wide coverage and are simple to use. The primary use of the radios is to enable all the Teachers and Leadership Team to be able to communicate with each other throughout the day continually.’

‘The school do not have telephones in classrooms, and they spend quite a lot of their time trying to track colleagues down. Initially, they wanted radios to assist with communications during Covid-19 and communication from the front gate when sending classes out in bubbles at home time. Since using them, they see the radios as an asset as it has made the entire school more time-efficient as they can communicate with colleagues almost immediately and return to focusing on teaching.’

Deputy Head Adam Biddle recently said, ‘The radio has changed my working day for the best. I can respond to a situation swiftly, and the staff have appreciated having instant communication with each other and the Leadership team. In the current climate, they have proved to be an absolute benefit - especially at home time. They enable us to manage the school gate safely and efficiently. They are easy to use, and the support from JPS has been excellent.’

For more information about JPS Communications and their special rates for schools and colleges contact 01202 677297 or email contact@jps-communications.co.uk. Alternatively visit their website at www.jps-communications.co.uk.


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