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Icom UK Launches ‘MarineCommander’ Marine Navigation System

Icom UK Launches ‘MarineCommander’ Marine Navigation System

Icom UK is pleased to announce the launch of the MarineCommander’ Marine Navigation System, an integrated and fully customisable navigation system. The MarineCommander offers a multitude of solutions for boat owners giving the opportunity to ‘connect’ compatible VHF radios, AIS transponders, radars and/or fish finders.

Ian Lockyer, Icom UK’s Marketing Manager said, ‘The MarineCommander is a robust, waterproof navigational system and integrates various navigation options with a large, durable, multifunctional display (MFD) and powerful main black box processor unit.’

The MarineCommander brings together, in one multifunctional display unit, all of your essential safety and navigational electronics.

MXD-5000 multifunctional display (MFD) – The Robust, Large, User Interface
Central to the system and the main user interface is the 12.1-inch MXD-5000 multifunctional display (MFD). This is slim and IPX7 waterproof, allowing water submersion up to one-metre for 30 minutes. The colour LCD’s anti-reflective coating is optimized for day and night operation, offering vivid detail even under direct sunlight. The MFD is sturdy and lightweight making it relatively straightforward to flush mount.

Each display splits into four customizable panes – organizing the radar screen, chart plotter, dual frequency modes and more. The MFD has ports for both USB drives and SD cards, allowing the MarineCommander to display chart information (C-MAP), and backup important data. Connect a compatible VHF radio and AIS unit and the marine commander system will allow DSC calls to be initiated through the main display unit.

MarineCommander black box processor units – The Central Information Hub
The main processor is the driving force behind this new system and connects your configuration of compatible marine electronic equipment. For instance, if you have a particularly large vessel, there is the capability to connect two MarineCommander black box processor units together allowing up to four displays to be used.

Connect a Radar
The MarineCommander increases safety at sea and streamlines navigational operations. Used in conjunction with the MXR-5000R/T Marine Radar , displayed waypoint, Automatic Identification System (AIS) target and radar images improve collision avoidance. With the simplified Automatic Tracking Aid (ATA), up to 10 targets are plotted, automatically tracked and overlaid on the plotter screen.

Connect a Fishfinder
When connected to an MXF-5000 Fish Finder, the MarineCommander is capable of a dual frequency sounder function. Using the 50kHz/200kHz dual frequency mode, the system determines a common area of fish over a large volume of water while identifying waypoint information with speed, depth and temperature data.

Connect an AIS Transponder/Receiver
The MarineCommander exchanges real-time boat traffic information with other AIS-equipped vessels using Icom’s MA-500TR transponder or MXA-5000 AIS receiver.

Connect a VHF/DSC Radio
When the MarineCommander is coupled to a compatible Icom VHF marine transceiver, the available DSC function establishes and receives various types of calls including individual, group, all ship and position/polling requests.

Connect Essential Monitoring Systems
Connect to engine/environment/positioning sensors with an NMEA 2000 interface, the MarineCommander shows current data on screen or in the status or data bar. The MarineCommander’s video input ports with RCA connectors offer up to four video inputs for surveillance cameras, TV, DVD or even thermal cameras for low light conditions. This will allow you to monitor your vessels surroundings and crew members on the large MFD.

Ian Lockyer said, ‘If you are looking for a commercial grade navigational system for your vessel with the Icom dependability, the Marine Commander is the solution you should be looking for. If you want to find out more about this new range, check out our Marine Icom Marine Commander Website for more details. The dedicated microsite features a system overview, system examples for various types of vessels, wiring diagrams as well as brochure and manual downloads.’

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