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Icom and Iridium to Develop New Global Satellite PTT Radio System

Icom and Iridium to Develop New Global Satellite PTT Radio System

Icom has entered into a working partnership with Iridium to develop and manufacture a new satellite communication device called Satellite PTT. The collaboration will combine Icom's 54 years of expertise and knowledge with Iridium's satellite experience to provide a professional radio communications solution that will enable users to communicate whenever they want to and wherever they are in the world.

The Satellite PTT radio will be based on a professional handheld radio using the Iridium satellite communication network. It will enable real-time, multi-user communication throughout the world with only the push of a PTT (Press-To-Talk) button. Direct contact between Iridium’s multiple satellites will ensure a stable and reliable connection even if large-scale incidents occur.

Icom’s President Masataka Harima said, "Icom has been developing various wireless communications equipment for use on land, sea and air for many years. The Satellite PTT project will become an important part of our product line-up that covers all areas from the surface of the earth to space."

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