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Icom introduces its first waterproof commercial radio

Icom introduces its first waterproof commercial radio

Icom (UK) Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of the IC-F51 series, the first waterproof Icom handportable for the Private Mobile Radio Market. The IC-F51 meets the same waterproofing standards as many Icom marine VHF handhelds and brings a new durability to tough working environments. This makes it ideal for anyone whose communications needs place them both indoors and outdoors.

In addition to being fully waterproof, the IC-F51 features a compact body that is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket. It is extra-durable and shockproof, whilst weighing less than most professional radios on the market. Because of the waterproof construction of this radio, this radio is highly corrosion resistant and dust proof, making it ideal for a variety of harsh environments such as construction, the events industry etc, not just those involving water.

The IC-F51 comes with a 1700mAh Lithium-Ion battery providing a practical 10 hours of operating time. An 8 character 14-segment alphanumeric LCD offers easily recognisable status and performance information and ease of operation in low-light environments. Built-in signalling capabilities and optional voice-scramblers (this is optional) enable secure group communication without compromising the waterproof integrity of the radio.

“The decision to create a high-performance, fully waterproof radio for the Private Mobile Radio market came from observing how portable radios are actually used in the field", explains Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom (UK) Ltd. “We were finding that fire-fighters were looking for a dry spot in the field in order to communicate. Even baggage handlers were seeking cover before using their radios. That just doesn’t make sense. In a tough environment, you need a radio that is even tougher. Icom have made that radio.”

Lockyer added, “In addition to being powerful and waterproof, it addresses one of the biggest problem people have with radios, which is corrosion. The industry knows that corrosion, above all else, kills most radios – and that affects people in a wide variety of industries and environments. Icom’s IC-F51 series puts a virtual end to the corrosion problem and reduces the amount of replacement purchasing that plagues radio users.”

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