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Icom launch IC-7851 Flagship HF/50MHz Amateur Radio Transceiver

Icom launch IC-7851 Flagship HF/50MHz Amateur Radio Transceiver

Radio manufacturer, Icom have a strong heritage of building the most sophisticated Amateur radio transceivers. Decades of technical expertise and engineering experience have brought top of the range models from the IC-781 to the IC-7800. Icom now are pleased to launch the latest generation of high end HF transceiver called the IC-7851!

The IC-7851 is the company's new flagship amateur radio and incorporates a new local oscillator (LO) design, an optimized roofing filter, enhanced spectrum scope to name but a few of its many functions. Raising the bar for HF operation, the IC-7851 is ideal for contesters, DXers and the serious amateur radio operator. Icom's new radio features a new LO design which utilizes a Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) along with a Phase Locked Oscillator. This configuration reduces phase noise and achieves a reciprocal mixing dynamic range of 110dB. A 1.2 kHz optimized roofing filter overcomes the gap of a narrower roofing filter in an up-conversion receiver and greatly improves in-band adjacent signal performance.

The IC-7851 also features enhanced spectrum scope functionality. A dedicated Digital Signal Processing (DSP) unit is used for the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) spectrum to provide faster sweep speeds and finer accuracy. Audio scope and dual scope functions, combined with a high-resolution spectrum waterfall display, provide twice the speed, sensitivity and control to give operators a performance edge. Other radio highlights include USB-enabled click and enhanced PC control. When combined with the optional Icom RS-BA1 software, the IC-7851's internal server promotes remote base station operation. The radio can connect directly to a router and does not require a second computer for audio or rig control.

The IC-7851 also continues various benchmarks established by Icom's celebrated IC-7800 such as +40dBm iP3 (3rd order intercept point), 200W output power at full duty cycle and more.

The radio is available to order from all authorised IC-7851 Amateur radio dealers with a suggested retail price of £9000.00 inc. VAT.

To find out more about this transceiver please visit our specially designed IC-7851 web pages IC-7851 web pages which give a complete list of radio features, brochures and manuals of the Icom IC-7851.

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