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Icom support GB150VC special event station

Icom support GB150VC special event station

Icom UK recently supported the GB150VC special event station, commemorated 150 years since the inauguration of the Victoria Cross. The event was a collaboration between the Vintage Operating Group (VOG), and the Cray Valley Radio Society (CVRS).

Icom supported the event by providing an IC-756PROIII and IC-910H transceivers. The equipment was supplemented by an Icom IC-7400 supplied by Colin G3SPJ. With a range of antennas mounted on the roof, the station began transmuting at GB150VC started at 08.45z on 1 June.

As only a handful of stations had used the GB150 prefix in recent times, the station was in popular demand with a steady flow of callers on 20m SSB and CW. The first four days of operation accounted for 1,800 QSOs. The station gained lots of interest and many visited the station during their lunchtime to boost the QSO total.

As the station was operational during the SporadicE season, the 6m station provided some good European contacts in the first two weeks. In all, the station had 531 contacts in 36 DXCC and 147 QTH locator squares.

Over the four days of the ‘Victoria Cross’ weekend, there were nearly 3,000 contacts, largely due to the fantatic operators who manned the 10-15-20m station, and GB150VC got over 100 ‘spots’ in those four days on the OH2AQ web-cluster.

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