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Icom support Kent Air Ambulance

Icom support Kent Air Ambulance

Herne Bay based Radio Communication Company, Icom (UK) Ltd has recently donated an aviation radio transceiver to the Kent Air Ambulance Trust. The fixed radio transceiver installed in the Trust's MD902 helicopter cockpit will enhance onboard communications and allow accurate and important information to be relayed from the controllers at Kent Ambulance Service in Coxheath.

The main task of the Kent Air Ambulance is to deliver its paramedic crew to the scene of traffic accidents and other medical emergencies and then transport patients to the safety of the nearest major hospital or specialist. With the Icom radio installed, important information such as patient details, general & technical advice and flight details can be relayed from the helicopter's Paramedics to ground control. This vital information can then be further relayed to the helicopter's eventual destination.

Kate Chivers, Chief Executive at the Kent Air Ambulance, said: “We are grateful for this equipment. The radio will be used for air to ground communications between the Air Ambulance and the Ambulance Control room. Presently we are using one of the pilot's radio channels and only the pilot can talk to the control room. The radio will allow the Paramedics dealing with the patient to talk directly to the controller."

Phil Hadler, Managing Director at Icom (UK) Ltd said: “As a Kent company, we recognise the superb job that the trust does for the community of Kent. It makes me even more proud that one of our transceivers will be carrying out such a vital role for such an important service."

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