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Icom to attend Martin Lynch 60th Birthday Party Open Day!

Icom to attend Martin Lynch 60th Birthday Party Open Day!

Martin Lynch will be hosting a very special open day on 11th of June 2016 to celebrate his 60th Birthday.

Martin is the ripe old age of 60 this year and tells us he is throwing a big party at his new superstore in Staines upon Thames. Customers old and new are invited. Instead of the usual “Hog Roast”, the company will be offering a “fine-dining” experience of hot dogs and burgers, (!!) with “the ladies,” (headed up by Martin’s wife and co-owner Jennifer, taking a break from running the accounts team), serving hot & cold drinks.

Martin also tells us that he will be a grandfather for the second time, this time a boy to “add to his collection,” thanks to his eldest son Dan, (& wife obviously, also called Jennifer), who works with his Mum & Dad at the Staines HQ.

Congratulations Martin and family….we look forward to attending your birthday celebrations.

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