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Innovative IP Radio System Used to Break the Ice at Courier Awards

Innovative IP Radio System Used to Break the Ice at Courier Awards

Icom’s new IP advanced radio system is finding successful applications in many places, but none so far as niche than at a recent prestigious awards ceremony. The new technology was used at the Courier of the Year Awards via its main sponsors, radio communication specialist EARS PLC. EARS used Icom's new IP advanced radio system to allow blue chip company guests from companies such as DHL, Citysprint, TNT, Corporate Logistics to answer post code despatch questions to win a large bottle of Champagne.

Managing Director of EARS PLC, Dee Barrett-Davies said, ‘The temporary system was very simple to set up and worked extremely well around the IOD Pall Mall building and generated much interest from the Health & Safety staff. Many of the guests liked the small ergonomic size of the IP-100H radios and the communication range of the system.’

Icom's new innovative IP advanced radio system essentially allows a company to contact staff utilising an existing or new IP/WLAN network. The WLAN based system is simple to set up, secure and offers a scalable licence-free communication system using standard wireless networking products infrastructure which in most cases are already be in place.

To find more about the services and two way communication solutions EARS PLC can provide go to

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