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Introducing IC-A210E Ground-to-Air Panel Mount Transceiver for Airport and Airfield Vehicles

Introducing IC-A210E Ground-to-Air Panel Mount Transceiver for Airport and Airfield Vehicles

From the busiest International airports employing thousands of people to smaller airfields, the pressure to deliver timely and quality services to customers is vital. With the largest airports serving millions of passenger each year, coordinating services effectively and efficiently is of paramount importance. That’s why clear and reliable two way radio comms between all parties are important.

As part of its new range of ground to air radios, Icom is launching the IC-A210E Ground-to-Air Vehicle Panel Mount. The IC-A210E can easily be installed in most airport/airfield vehicles. This versatile radio operates on both 8.33 kHz and 25 kHz channel spacing frequencies. With this dual compatibility there is an increase in the number of channels available for operators.

The IC-A210E is the same size as Icom’s previous panel mount, IC-A200. This means it can be interchanged with most predecessor radios now ending their life. Two types of rear-panel adapters are included, allowing it to be replaced without soldering. The built-in DC-DC converter accepts a 12/24V DC power source so it can be easily installed and adapted to most vehicles.

The IC-A210E is very straight forward to use. It features an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode), display that offers many advantages in brightness, high contrast, wide viewing angle and response time, compared with conventional display. The “flip-flop” arrow button switches between main and stand-by channels. The dual watch function allows operators to monitor two channels simultaneously. In addition, the history memory stores the last 10 channels used and allows users to recall those channels easily.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK Ltd said, ‘Whether you are the airport operator, airline or in security, it is critical you can rely on your two way radio communications. The IC-A210E is just another of Icom’s many solutions providing easy to use, dependable communications for those working in vehicles in airports.’

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