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Introducing Icom’s New MXA-5000 Dual Channel AIS Receiver

Introducing Icom’s New MXA-5000 Dual Channel AIS Receiver

Since AIS (Automatic Identification System) was introduced it has been rapidly taken up as an essential safety aid. Primarily used by commercial shipping for identification and location, the AIS system exchanges information such as MMSI number, position, course, and speed. Today with the introduction of the MXA-5000 dual channel AIS receiver owners of leisure and small craft can benefit from this safety technology.

The MXA-5000 dual channel AIS receiver allows boat owners to receive AIS information (both Class A and Class B AIS signals) on two channels simultaneously and outputs this real-time information on a computer, radar or a chart plotter, thus aiding navigation and collision avoidance.

Icom’s MXA-5000 features:

- AIS data output using the NMEA 0183 format for easy connectivity to most radars, chart plotters, and navigation systems.

- Dual receive – both Class A and Class B signals simultaneously.

- A full duplex receiver allowing for easy and efficient handling of the information without missing critical data.

- A built in antenna splitter. If you already have a radio antenna installed, there’s no need for adding additional antennas, or to buy expensive after market splitters. The MXA-5000 splits the input signal for RX and protects itself when the radio transmits.

- The overlay of AIS information on multifunction displays, chart plotters, or radars.

- A GPS data input port for multiplexing GPS and AIS Data.

- AIS tracking to increase your navigational awareness.

Preview products will be shown on the Icom UK stand (N31J) at the London Boat Show 2009. The MXA-5000 should be in the shops by the start of the season with a retail price of £349.95 (inc. VAT). An extended 3 year warranty will be available for this product.

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