Introducing the Bridge Mode Function of the IP730D Hybrid Radio

As well as having the versatility to provide nationwide coverage over LTE networks as well as conventional VHF/UHF professional radio mode (IDAS digital/Analogue radio modes), the Icom IP730D hybrid radio has numerous other impressive features including the bridge mode function.

What is Bridge Mode?

Bridge Mode literally provides a bridge between the two technologies allowing you to transmit and/receive to and from an LTE radio and IDAS digital radio. You could even think about it as temporary repeater mode.

How does this Bridge Mode work?

Introducing the Bridge Mode Function of the IP730D Hybrid Radio

Your business might be using Icom LTE radios for nationwide comms and digital two-way radio for local comms and you may want to connect the two different technologies.

You put the IP730D in bridge mode and it acts as a relay/repeater transferring the LTE radio conversations to the IDAS group and vice versa. You can even introduce a temporary cross band connection (VHF to UHF/UHF to VHF) between two digital radios via this method.

So how useful is this?

It makes your radio system even more flexible, allowing you to communicate from a built-up area using digital PMR radio to somewhere remote using the LTE radio.

It allows rapid deployment between these different technologies in an emergency or when there is a priority message. It also provides extra resilience if you have issues with cellular reception.

Who would Bridge Mode be Useful for?

• A maintenance tunnel worker using UHF to communicate with a control room in another city.
• Lone worker/security guards in a built-up area contacting the office or HQ
• Building sites that need to link together.
• Voluntary emergency services operating multiple events simultaneously across different parts of the country.
• Facility managers/Festival operators operating across multiple sites.

Please note that Bridge Mode isn't just applicable to handheld radios. It can be used with mobile radios such as the IP501M LTE mobile and IC-F5400 digital mobile radio series.

To watch a video overview of this function click on: 'Video: Introducing the Bridge Mode Function of the Icom IP730D Hybrid Radio'.

'To find out more about this radio, visit our IP730D product page. Alternatively give our team a call on 01227 74171 or email

* When using the Bridge function, operating time will be shorter and output power of the IP730D/IP740D is reduced to 1 W (PMR/Digital). Bridge function is not available in Analogue mode.

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