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Introducing the IC-SAT100 Shoulder Holster

Introducing the IC-SAT100 Shoulder Holster

The IC-SAT100 shoulder holster has been specially designed with the IC-SAT100 Satellite PTT Transceiver in mind.

The shoulder holster is handy as it holds the IC-SAT100 satellite PTT radio and positions its antenna in an ideal position, so it is pointed to the sky for optimum satellite communication. This radio shoulder holster also frees the operator to do other tasks. Communication is as simple as pressing the PTT on the optional Icom speaker microphone.

The IC-SAT100 shoulder holster is now available with a suggested retail price of £48.00 inc.VAT.

For a short video about this product, click on Video: 'Introducing the IC-SAT100 Shoulder Holster'.

If you have questions about this product or anything else in our Satellite PTT radio range, contact our team at 01227 741741 or via email at the address below.

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