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Introducing the all new Icom IC-M803 MF/HF/SSB Marine Radio

Introducing the all new Icom IC-M803 MF/HF/SSB Marine Radio

MF/HF SSB marine radio is a vital piece of long-range communication equipment and unlike expensive satellite technology, once installed all calls are free. Over many decades Icom have been manufacturing marine HF/SSB transceivers that have provided a sound communication platform for both commercial deep sea and ocean-going leisure sailors around the globe. The latest version is our IC-M803*.

The IC-M803 is a long-range MF/HF Class E DSC radio. It features a user-friendly interface and together with its large colour TFT LCD display allows for relatively simple operation. With the near-180° wide viewing angle the screen allows various installation possibilities. The large control knob and keys provide easy access to functions such as accessing MMSI numbers, ITU channel numbers and keying individual frequencies via the easy to use keypad.

Much like its predecessors, the IC-M803 features a remote head that can be neatly installed near a chart table or NAV station while the control box can mount discreetly out of the way and out of sight. The controller can be interfaced with a computer or email modem to make a complete communication system. Connections are also available for an external loudspeaker.

Other features on the IC-M803 include a distress call button, dedicated DSC receiver scanning, audio replay, GPS, two-minute instant replay audio function, and HF email capabilities. The IC-M803 also includes an advanced RF direct simple sampling system that improves receiver sensitivity and delivers high quality audio.

Chris Leech, Marine Product Specialist at Icom UK said, ‘Icom has over 50 years’ experience of producing high quality HF Transceivers, many have been a standard installation on ocean-going ships and yachts.’

The IC-M803 Class E DSC MF/HF radio is now available from authorised Icom marine dealers.

For more information visit the IC-M803 Class E DSC MF/HF radio product page on our website. Alternatively give our team a call on 01227 741741 or email the address below.

* Please note that this product does not have type approval for UK/European flagged vessels. For use outside of UK waters.

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