Introduction to Icom’s LTE Radio System

Introduction to Icom’s LTE Radio System

Icom's LTE radio range enables two-way radio style communication with the ease and convenience of PTT (Push-To-Talk) operation over our nationwide 4G/LTE and 3G networks. This is an alternative to traditional radio as it provides users with telephone style conversations, including full duplex, without investing in costly radio network infrastructure.

What radios are available in the Icom LTE range?

The Icom LTE radio range features the IP501H/IP503H portable handset and the IP501M LTE mobile. Each product provides wide area communication using the 4G/LTE and 3G networks. This allows you to make individual and group calls in the same manner as a conventional two-way radio.

What is involved in the installation of an Icom LTE Radio System?

There is nothing more involved than purchasing the IP501H/IP503H LTE handset and/or IP501M mobile with SIM & server connection. We will set up the SIM and terminal to your preference, despatch and once you have received your handsets, you are ready to use.

Does the Icom LTE radios require a SIM card?

Yes, a SIM card is required. However, it is a custom SIM different from your regular smartphone or tablet as the LTE radios provide other features, like the Emergency button, Man down and Lone worker function. These features are ideal for work environments where employees are working independently and need to be in contact constantly by voice or in the case of emergency.

This custom SIM card will not work in any other device and a phone SIM card will not work in the LTE radios.

What are the advantages of Icom’s LTE Radio System?
• Closed private and secure network.
• Fixed low monthly cost.
• Distance is no longer an obstacle.
• No need to budget for future infrastructure upgrades.
• Individual, Group or All Call options available.

Is this just a mobile phone?
No. Our LTE radios are not mobile phones. They are push to talk two-way radio terminals that work over the 4G/LTE/3G networks. The units are designed to be used for commercial environments where you need to talk to one or more parties straight away. There is no need to dial a number as you push to speak directly to the other person or people in the group. They are designed to withstand rough environments and meet tough IP67 standards. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

What advantages do the Icom LTE radios have over the traditional radio?
The advantages of these LTE terminals are:

• Nationwide coverage.
• All functions are similar to traditional radio devices, allowing you to learn the functions quickly.
• Secure communication with no need for investment in a private radio network or licence.
• Health and safety features – Emergency button, Man down function and lone worker.
• Pre-defined text message capability.
• Over the air programming.

Introduction to Icom’s LTE Radio System

What is the cost involved in setting up an LTE system (for example, does it need a repeater)?
Unlike traditional radio, there are no requirements for infrastructure investment. No need to invest in repeaters, cabling, or radio programming. Once set up by your dealer, it’s as simple as turning on the unit and starting the call by pushing the PTT (push-to-talk) button.

Where is the server located that manages the network?
Our server is based in a secure location in the UK. We’ve worked diligently to make sure that the highest level of encryption is in place on the cloud server to secure your private data and communications as well as adhering to all data privacy handling requirements to maintain your best interest.

So what is the next step? What do I need to get started?
The first step is to purchase LTE handsets and/or mobiles from one of our many Icom LTE dealers. They can offer you various packages including buying the radio outright, two or three-year plans including support and a private and secure network as well as many other flexible packages.

What is included in the Icom Data Plan?
The Icom Data Plan is:

• A 2 or 3 year contract with a fixed monthly fee (including connection).
• A dedicated built-in SIM card that covers the three leading UK mobile phone carriers (e.g. EE, Vodafone and O2).
• Closed private and secure network.
• Monitoring of the system and network.
• Radio firmware updates all managed by Icom.

So, if you are looking for regional or national communication scheme without the hassle or financial commitment of radio infrastructure, the Icom LTE radio system with its excellent audio, full duplex communication and excellent health and safety features is your answer.

For more details about Icom’s new LTE radio system visit the dedicated web pages at Alternatively, contact our team today on 01227 741741 or email

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