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Local School designs Icom’s Christmas Cards

Herne Bay based company Icom UK recently invited the pupils of Hampton Primary School to their Christmas Cards this year. Children in years 5 and 6 each designed cards. Five designs were selected to be incorporated into Icom’s card which is to be sent to Icom Dealers and customers across the country.

The project began in October when members of Icom attended the school to give a brief presentation on how radio works and to invite the children to design Christmas Cards incorporating Icom radios and logo into their designs. Following the presentation the children were given two weeks to design their cards.

The winning design has taken pride of place on the front of the card and the remaining 4 designs have been placed on the inside. The five winners each received a small prize from Icom which was given to them at a small presentation.

Andy Stockley, Icom Director said, 'We decided to ask local children to design our Christmas cards this year as it gives them the chance to be creative and it also gives us a unique Christmas card design which is a million miles away from the normal boring and staid company Christmas cards that are usually sent. Plus I am especially pleased to have been able to give something back to the primary school that all my children and nieces and nephews have attended The quality of entries was amazing and it was really difficult to choose the winners. We would like to thank all the Children in years 5 and 6, Mr David Haywood, the headmaster and all the staff for their help in organising this project'.

David Hayward, Hampton Primary School headmaster said, 'Icom have always been involved with the Parents & Friends Association of Hampton School and we were delighted when they got in contact with us and put forward their suggestion. The children had a brilliant time designing the cards. It was great to see them all get so involved. Icom gave a lovely presentation at the beginning of this project and the children all seemed very interested in the subject. The five children who won were absolutely delighted and were really impressed to see their designs as real cards. I would like to thank Icom for their continued support of the school'.

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