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M7ELP, Keeping it in the Family

M7ELP, Keeping it in the Family

A warm congratulations from the whole team at Icom UK to Callum Stockley as he becomes one of the latest students to pass his Amateur radio Foundation course during the lockdown.

Callum Stockley (Commercial Sales Specialist) follows his Dad Andy (G8ELP) and his Grandad and founder of Icom UK, Dave Stockley G4ELP into the hobby with the Callsign of M7ELP.

Callum was very much a cohort of a new era having to study remotely and then taking the examination after home education. Luckily, there is a huge amount of resource on the web to aid learning in the build-up to a test, plus a wealth of knowledge from his Radio Ham colleagues here at Icom UK.

The "ELP" callsign is very special and has been in the Stockley family for over 50 years. On gaining his Foundation Licence, Callum said, ‘I was looking forward to telling my Grandad who was overjoyed at hearing the news. I am hoping to take the next steps to gain my intermediate and then full licence soon.’

Dave said, ‘I am very pleased that Callum has achieved his first step in Amateur Radio. I am even more pleased he has secured the callsign M7ELP. My son Andy took on my old call sign of G8ELP so it’s nice that another generation of our family has followed in our footsteps with the same ELP tag. Very well-done Callum ‘.

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