MOUNT.003 Flush Mount Adapter

Flush Mount Adapter for IC-M323(G), IC-M423(G) VHF/DSC radios

With the introduction of our next generation range of fixed mount VHF/DSC we appreciate that many Icom owners will want to upgrade from previous models.

Replacing older models such as the IC-M59, IC-M401 or IC-M411/IC-M421 with the IC-M323/ IC-M423 is relatively straightforward as all the previous models are smaller and you will only need to trim the hole. However if you have a model which is larger or has a different shape such as the IC-M501, IC-M503, DS100 or IC-M505 the gap will be much larger.

To solve this problem Icom UK have sourced a black frost acrylic mounting bracket which when used with the optional MB-132 flush mount kit*, will allow you to cleanly install either the IC-M323 or IC-M423 where a larger icom radio once sat. This new mounting bracket is simple to fit and has been tested by many boatbuilders.

*MB-132 is not included. We recommend you use this flush mount kit as part of this installation. The simple MOUNT.002 plastic flush mount kit is not suitable.

  • IC-M323
    Icom’s IC-M323 VHF/DSC has the same common user interface that has been adopted on the latest Icom radios including intuitive 'soft-keys' permitting faster access to radio functions. As a result of simplifying the technical features offered, Icom has managed to produce a set that offers really good value!
  • IC-M323G
    Icom's best-selling entry level radio, the IC-M323 is now joined by an extra version, called the IC-M323G. The new version is identical aesthetically but includes an integral GPS Receiver which will also allow current position and time to be used for DSC calls. Importantly the integration will allow for straightforward fitting so for an open top power boat or yacht, installation has never been so simple.
  • IC-M423
    The IC-M423 is Icom's next generation VHF/DSC has a new user interface which makes driving this Icom fixed mount incredibly simple. This compact radio features Active Noise Cancelling Technology that reduces background noise by 90%. It also packs 10W from its loud speaker making sure your calls are clearly heard. The IC-M423 also has a Public Address & Fog Horn function so when attached to a hailer horn will expand the usefulness of this new radio.
  • IC-M423G
    The IC-M423G is an enhanced version of the IC-M423 fixed mount VHF/DSC and includes an integrated GPS Receiver which allows current position and time to be used for DSC calls. This new radio also has a striking new white backlight LCD which improves visibility, along with a smart looking new HM-205B Speaker-microphone which has a large 45mm diameter speaker. In addition, the optional HM- 195G COMMANDMIC also incorporates a white backlight LCD and laser-cut keypad.
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