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New Commercial Accessories from Icom

New Commercial Accessories from Icom

Icom has recently launched a number of new accessories for its commercial range, all designed to improve the functionality of our radios and to provide greater benefits to Icom users.

The new range of speaker mics provide greater durability, waterproofing to IPX7 and GPS facilities. The HM-170GP GPS microphones provide commercial organisations with position reporting / AVL applications. All the microphones are built to a high industrial specification to withstand years of rough use by professional users.

Icom’s new range of speaker mics are our most durable yet and with waterproofing equivalent to IPX7 they are ideal for users on construction sites, engineering plants, docksides, farms and any other harsh outside environments.

The new UT-124/R man down unit provides organisations with accurate man down state detection. The unit automatically transmits an emergency call if the radio is horizontal for a pre-programmed period of time. This is ideal for lone workers in hazardous conditions and may not be able to call for help if incapacitated.

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