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New D-STAR Support Section on

New D-STAR Support Section on

Icom UK has recently redeveloped its D-STAR dedicated microsite. Among the recent changes is a new support section which includes links to data files of UK D-STAR repeaters and reflectors for Icom models. The page also features a link to its D-STAR YouTube Channel where you will find tips and tricks for some of Icom’s latest D-STAR radios.

The support section also features a link to three forums set up for registered users to participate in. The three current forums are D-STAR (GB7IC), D-STAR (General) and D-STAR (Technical). There is also a link to other international forums as well as a link to a list of useful international D-STAR websites.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK Ltd said, ‘We have been very busy preparing repeater lists for various Icom D-STAR radios so that our customers can come to the site to download appropriate information for their radios. Customers should also find the videos that we have added to our YouTube channel very useful.’

Icom’s D-STAR support section can be found by accessing the site at:

Icom UK Marketing -

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