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New D-STAR repeaters in Scotland

New D-STAR repeaters in Scotland

Whilst searching the internet, I read an article on highlighting a number of D-STAR repeaters coming online in Scotland. This is encouraging news, showing renewed interest in the D-STAR mode by our fellow Amateurs north of the border.


The repeaters are as follows:

MB6IDF D-STAR Node (Dunfermline)
MB6IDF in Dunfermline on 434.50000MHz can now be linked to XRF600A Reflector (September 2015).

GB7DA-C GB7DA-B D-STAR Repeaters (Airdrie)
A new D-STAR Repeater situated near Airdrie is now licenced for operation on 2 metres and is expected to come on air in the near future. The repeater will transmit on 145.7750 MHz with the input being 145.1750 MHz.

The repeater is also expected to operate on 70cm subject to approval.

GB7DE D-STAR Repeater (Fife, Edinburgh, Lothians)
GB7DE is the D-STAR Repeater covering Fife, Edinburgh and the Lothians.
2m – Port C / 145.6375 MHz -0.6000 DTMF 40973
70cm – Port B / 439.600 MHz -9.000 DTMF 40972

GB7GD D-STAR Repeater (Aberdeen)
GB7GD is the D-STAR Repeater for Aberdeen and surrounding area and outputs on 145.6875MHz with the input on 145.0875. The repeater is linked to XRF600A Reflector. GB7GD became operational on 27th July 2008.

GB7DK D-STAR Repeater (Stranraer)
The GB7DK D-STAR Repeater is located near Stranraer and gives coverage over an area of southwest Scotland. The repeater outputs on 145.6875 MHz with the input on 145.0875 MHz, GB7DK became active on 3rd April 2009.

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