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New Icom Aviation and Marine Videos on our YouTube Channel

New Icom Aviation and Marine Videos on our YouTube Channel

We have recently added two new videos to our YouTube channel focussing on our IC-M73/EURO/PLUS VHF marine handheld and the IC-A24E VHF airband handheld.

Click on the following links to view these videos: .

Introduction to the IC-M73EURO and IC-M73PLUS VHF Marine Transceivers
This video gives an overview of both the EURO and PLUS, the difference between the models as well as their shared features: Click here to view this video! .

The VOR Function of the IC-A24E Portable Airband Transceiver
This video explains the differences between the IC-A6E and IC-A24E and gives a practical demonstration of the VOR feature of the IC-A24E: Click here to view this video! .

Both these models are available from authorised Icom Marine and Aviation dealers. To find out who your local Icom dealer is, contact our sales team on 01227 741741.


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