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New Icom SB-110 Outdoor Wireless LAN Bridge

Icom UK Ltd announces its first product for the UK WLAN market place. The SB-110 is a new rugged, water resistant, outdoor wireless LAN bridge that offers industry standard compatibility whilst retaining the engineering excellence that has made Icom the number one in the radio communications market.

The SB-110 offers stable wireless, line of sight bridging of two or more LAN systems up to 2600ft (800m) at 11Mbps (theoretical maximum speed), while maintaining the industry standard 802.11b compatibility. The SB-110 permits connectivity with other brands under a common access point mode, ensuring its superior outdoor "hotspot" suitability. The SB-110 does this all with JIS-4 equivalent water resistant construction and MIL-SPEC 810F ruggedness.

Its lightweight, compact, and flat antenna design, all integrated into an all-in-one weather proof enclosure makes easy work of the physical installation. Password protected Web server based configuration screens, IP routing functions, DHCP server, 128-bit WEP encryption and client MAC address registration enable hassle-free easy and safe setup and maintenance.

Icom, a member of WECA (WiFi), has captured and held a segment of the professional wireless LAN market in Japan since 1997 as one of the earliest 802.11-based wireless LAN manufacturers.

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