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New Multi Charger Providing Even More Flexibility

New Multi Charger Providing Even More Flexibility

You will see a change to our best selling UK6WAY charger. The unit now comes in slightly bigger at (283 mm (w) x 98 mm (h) x 217 mm (d)) which allows it to incorporate even more chargers from our range, including the BC-226 and BC-202IP3L multi connectable rapid chargers.

The UK6WAY charger is an extremely robust unit that utilises the charger pods from a wide variety of Icom radios, thus, keeping the cost down.

The UK6WAY multi charger is now available for sale. It is compatible with the following models and thier charging pods: IC-F1000 Series / IC-F1100D Series / IC-F29SR(2) / IC-F29DR(2) / IC-F3002 Series / IC-F3102D Series / IC-F52D Series / IC-F3400 Series / IP100H / IP501H / IP503H and IP730D Series.

Picture shows UK6WAY.002 with BC-202IP3L charger pods which are sold separately.

Should you have any questions about this charger or require details of your nearest Icom Commercial dealer contact our sales team on 01227 741741 or via the email address below.

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