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New Software Update for RS-BA1 IP Remote Control Software

New Software Update for RS-BA1 IP Remote Control Software

Icom Inc has released a software update for their RS-BA1 Amateur radio IP remote control software offering a change in design and new features.

The new design offers a black background and one one-colored icons provide better visibility. In addition to the conventional tuning knob controls, some items can be adjusted with slider controls including RF power, CW pitch, AF/SQL and the RF gain.

For IC-7850 and IC-7851 owners who have downloaded the latest firmware update for their radios, spectrum scope with waterfall function can now be viewed using the RS-BA1.

New for IC-7600 owners, the Remote Power ON/OFF and APF AF level adjustment have been included although firmware version 2.0 or later must be installed to use these functions.

Details about this update can be found on the downloadable RS-BA1 Software Update leaflet. RS-BA1 owners can download this new update for free from:

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