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Icom have recently supported a team from Chatham House School in their qualification for the national final of a green car racing contest to be held at the Goodwood race track in Sussex in October. The company supplied three IC-F12 handportable VHF two way radios and headset accessories which were used by the driver, in a specially designed and built battery powered car, to communicate with the pit team and team manager.

The boys qualified after being crowned champions of Kent and Essex in a competition at Ford’s design centre in Dunton, Essex. At the end of a four-hour endurance race their car, called 'British Racing Green', beat their nearest rival by an amazing 11 laps. The Chatham House team also recorded the fastest lap time.

Team leader Lester Edmeades, the Ramsgate grammar school’s chief technician, said: 'We have been very lucky to receive sponsorship from local company Icom (UK) Ltd. who has given us the loan of radio equipment. This has proved to be so much more reliable than franticly waving arms when the pit crew wants to contact the driver. With the radio system we were able to make changes to our strategy during the race; very important in such an evenly matched contest.'

He further added:' I am proud of the dedication and application of the team, who worked very hard in practise sessions at Lydden circuit where they rehearsed change-overs and pit-stops. I am extremely optimistic that we will do well in the final. A top-10 finish is realistic and a podium position is not out of reach'.

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