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Icom UK Sponsor GX3RCM Amateur Radio Demonstration Vehicle

Icom UK Sponsor GX3RCM Amateur Radio Demonstration Vehicle

Icom UK Sponsor GX3RCM Amateur Radio Demonstration Vehicle Icom UK have supplied the Sheffield Amateur Radio Club with a range of its latest (D-STAR) digital and HF Amateur Radio Equipment. The radios will be used on a demonstration bus which the club was awarded by the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB). Their goal is to promote Amateur Radio to a wider audience at rallies, events. Importantly the unit will be taken to schools and used as a teaching tool to introduce young people to the Amateur radio hobby.

The Sheffield Amateur Radio Club began its life in the 1920’s. The club has 70 members from all ages and walks of life. The club has a very active programme of special events that are aimed at bringing Amateur Radio, electronics and communications to the wider public.

So far the club with the GX3RCM Amateur Radio Demonstration Vehicle has visited local schools during National Science Week and attended local summer festivals such as those at Low Edges and Woodseats. Last year they put on a special event celebrating, Jamboree on the Air, for a local Scout Group. Recently the vehicle has been seen at the Newark National Hamfest and Lamfest in aid of Cancer Research. At these events the club uses Short Wave and VHF transmitting and receiving equipment to contact other Radio Amateurs all over the world. The club makes contacts with several hundred or even thousands of Amateur Radio stations this way. The vehicle also allows the club to demonstrate the latest D-STAR digital Amateur radio technology to the public and hopefully interest some of them enough to take up the hobby.

Overview of the GX3RCM Trailer
The GX3RCM trailer is 7 metres long when in situ, and 13.71 metres long including the towing vehicle. Once open, the trailer is 4 metres wide, the entire electrical requirements can be met from an ordinary 240V 13A mains socket. Two masts are fixed to the exterior and these keep the antennas and the cabling well above the vehicle so eliminating any hazards.

Inside the trailer, visitors will find a range of Icom Amateur radio equipment which will allow them to make wireless contact with radio operators in any part of the world. GX3RCM has been supplied with the latest D-STAR UHF Digital Repeater system with ID-RP2C Repeater Controller and duplexer for low power portable use at rallies and events. Also supplied by Icom UK and very prominent on the trailer is the IC-9100 HF/VHF/UHF Base Station Transceiver and the IC-E2820 D-STAR dual-band mobile transceiver. With two operating benches there is plenty of space inside, and two plasma screen displays make sure the entire group can clearly see what is going on.

Steve Webster M1ERS, Vice Chairman of Sheffield Amateur Radio Club said, ‘We have incorporated D-Star equipment into the trailer because it is new technology and people are always interested in anthing new. I think that embracing new technology is the way forward for Amateur Radio’.

As a note of thanks to Icom UK for their sponsorship, Steve said, ‘We would like to thank Icom UK for their generous sponsorship. When we took over the vehicle, it was completely bare. With Icom UK’s help, this fantastic vehicle now has the top of the range radio equipment to promote our brilliant hobby of Amateur Radio’.

For more information about the club and how to book GX3RCM please visit:

To view a short video about Icom's involvement, please click on Overview of the GX3RCM Amateur Radio Demonstration Vehicle

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