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Icom preview 50th anniversary Limited Edition IC-7850 at Tokyo Hamfair 2014

Icom preview 50th anniversary Limited Edition IC-7850 at Tokyo Hamfair 2014

Icom have displayed a pre-release version of a very special HF Base Station at the Tokyo Hamfest, the IC-7850 HF/50MHz transceiver.

The IC-7850 'collectors piece' will be produced early in 2015 in very limited numbers to celebrate Icom’s 50th Anniversary.

Based on the benchmark IC-7800 the IC-7850 will share many similarities with Icom’s current top of the range IC-7800.

Although using a similar layout, interface and platform, RF circuitry, parts of the logic sections and I/O interfaces have been improved. The receive circuit is also redesigned to have the best industry class 1st LO phase noise performance and the RMDR (Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range) performance now has a 20dB improvement over the IC-7800.

Cosmetically, the radio boasts gold colour dials, buttons and side strips, the front panel is finished in a stunning deep clear piano black and a special machined anodised aluminium black / gold tuning dial , to finish off each model carries a special 50th Anniversary serial number plaque on top with Mr Inoue’s signature.

Planned Features:
• Best in industry class 1st LO Phase noise figure (approximately 20dB improvement for 1 kHz offset)
• RMDR performance at 14.2MHz with 1kHz offset, CW Mode: 101dB (roofing filter: 3kHz, IF BW: 500Hz)
• Added USB ports/500kHz band compatibility

Further improvements over current IC-7800 functions and features are under consideration and will be confirmed later.


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