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Coming Soon! IC-E80D & ID-E880 Dualband D-STAR Transceivers

Coming Soon! IC-E80D & ID-E880 Dualband D-STAR Transceivers

Icom is pleased to announce details of two, new exciting dualband D-STAR transceivers…the IC-E80D and ID-880H. Both these radios have been designed with ease of use in mind with large LCD displays and straightforward controls. As such, they are the ideal starter radios for any amateur or D-STAR operator. Both models include a new user interface called 'D-STAR repeater mode' (DR mode) which allows the user to access a D-Star repeater in just two steps!

Another move for this range is that the CS-80/880 configuration software1 is free to download from the Icom Inc. website . This means a range of settings including memory data can be configured from your PC. Both radios share the same set-up procedure so you can share memory data with each other via the cloning software.

IC-E80D Dual Band Digital Handheld Transceiver
The IC-E80D has a optional HM-189GPS GPS microphone available which expands the potential for position reporting applications. When connected, the IC-E80D can show position data and even the direction to another suitable equipped D-Star station on screen. The radio is rugged, splash and water jet resistant (IPX-4) making it ideal for outdoor operation. The IC-E80D has 5W RF output power on both VHF/UHF bands and a wideband receiver range covering 495kHz-999.990MHz. Not only is this a D-Star radio but also retains together with the IC-E880, compatibility with all normal FM analogue channels.

ID-E880 Dual Band Digital Mobile Transceiver
The compact, IC-E880 has a large, easy-to-see LCD display. The controller is detachable from the main unit and the magnet-mounting feature allows for flexible installation. The radio also provides a powerful 50W of output power in VHF and UHF, high speed scanning and the latest in noise filter technology.

Main Features of the IC-E80D and ID-E880
- D-STAR DV (Digital Voice) mode standard
- Wideband receive2
- External GPS connection ready3
- DPRS(R) (Digital Position Reporting System) ready

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK said, " Both models are ideal for a range of users from foundation licencees, anyone new to D-Star or Ham organisations such as Raynet that are looking for a simple GPS position reporting system. The introduction of these two new D-Star radios emphasises Icom's commitment to D-Star Worldwide!"

Currently there is no release date for these models. Pricing and type approval are pending.

1. Requires optional cloning cable.
2. Receiver coverage range varies depending on version.
3. For the IC-E80D, optional GPS microphone HM-189GPS is available. For the ID-E880, a third party GPS receiver is necessary.

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