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Icom to Release the IC-7600 HF+50MHz Transceiver

Icom to Release the IC-7600 HF+50MHz Transceiver

The new IC-7600 has been enhanced with some of the main features of Icom's flagship models IC-7700/7800 which are highly regarded by HF operators world-wide.

The IC-7600 features the same level of receiver performance as the top of the range IC-7700/7800 transceivers. Its three first IF roofing filters (3kHz, 6kHz and 15kHz) allow you to pull out a weak signal while blocking strong adjacent signals.

The double super-heterodyne receiving system improves the in-band IMD (Inter Modulation Distortion) significantly over the IC-756PROIII. In addition, the performance of the spectrum scope is first class thanks to the specially dedicated DSP.

Here are just some of the IC-7600's main features:

- Dual DSP for transmit/receive and spectrum scope
- 104dB dynamic range, +30dBm 3rd order intercept point in HF bands
- Double conversion super-heterodyne system
- Two 32-bit floating point DSP units (One for the transmit/receiver, one for the spectrum scope)
- Three 1st IF (roofing) filters (3kHz, 6kHz, 15kHz)
- 5.8-inch ultra wide viewing angle TFT display
- USB keyboard and USB flash drive connection
- PSK and RTTY encoder/decoder built-in (PC and software is not required)

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK Ltd said, 'There has been a lot of excitement about the IC-7600 since we showcased it at the Leicester show last year. I am sure that this model will be greatly received by Amateur Radio operators with its improved digital, software, receiver performance, functionality and user-friendliness.'

It is expected that the IC-7600 will be in stock by the end of March. Pricing is still to be confirmed.

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