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New Firmware Update for the IC-7600 HF Amateur radio Transceiver

New Firmware Update for the IC-7600 HF Amateur radio Transceiver

Icom have announced a significant firmware update for the IC-7600 HF Transceiver at the Dayton Hamvention 2015. The update provides a new range of functions including waterfall screen for the band scope, amongst many!

Details of each update and download instructions are as follows. Please note that before you install the firmware, you should download the installation guide using the link on the firmware update page:

IC-7600 All versions: Firmware Update Version 2.00 – Download here!

• Waterfall screens, mouse operation, and other additional functions have been added to the spectrum scope.
• An APF AF Level setting has been added.
• CI-V commands for antenna control, logging software and RIT/DELTA-TX have been added.
• TX Delay (HF/50M) settings have been added to adjust the TX delay time.
• A Standby setting has been added to remotely turn ON the IC-7600 transceiver by a command from the REMOTE jack.
• “MOS-FET” is now the default value of “SEND Relay Type.”

Further Information
For more information, please refer to IC-7600 Information for Firmware version 2.00.
• Firmware can be updated using a USB flash drive. Thoroughly read Section 14 (UPDATING THE FIRMWARE) of the instruction manual to know what the update requires.
• Backup your transceiver’s data onto a USB flash drive as it is possible that your data could get lost or corrupted during the update. Thoroughly read Section 10 (File saving) of the instruction manual for details.
• Never turn OFF the transceiver power during the update.

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