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Delta & Tango from RS Micro

Delta & Tango from RS Micro

Icom are pleased to announce the launch of two new exciting products from RS Micro for the Taxi Market called Delta (advanced Datahead) and Tango (Taximeter). Designed to work with Icom's latest PMR mobile transceiver, the IC-F510, these two new products provide taxi companies with an advanced, yet cost effective taxi system as well as a high degree of flexibility because the customer can now choose the booking system of their choice.

Delta is the ONLY workable datahead for medium sized fleets that complies with IR2008 and is fully approved with recent E-marking directives. The raw data speed of Delta is 8 times faster than any other head currently available on the market. An integrated GPS circuit provides the potential for vehicle tracking. Delta can also be connected to a PDA allowing the driver to use applications such as Auto route to plan their route

You choose the booking system of your choice. Delta has been designed to be a generic product so that customers can easily migrate to different booking systems. Booking software is already available from CodedData.

Delta has been designed to work with Icom’s advanced mid-tier mobile, the IC-F510 and its predecessor the IC-F1010. The casing of the datahead matches the Icom range of mobiles and a backlit LCD and buttons provide simple user friendly operation.

Tango is an advanced taximeter that is fully compatible with Delta. Features of Tango include 10 tariffs, calendar control with clock display, Euro/Sterling button and built in relays for lights.

The IC-F510 is one of the most versatile mobile transceivers on the market offering significant features, high performance, reliability and functionality at an exceptional price. The IC-F510 is the ideal radio to complement the Delta and Tango products from RS Micro. The strength of the IC-F510 series is its versatility. The IC-F510 is designed on a Flash ROM platform, which enables it to work with the Delta datahead and any future system. The IC-F510 series features a solid die-cast aluminium chassis and polycarbonate front panel, which is resistant to shock and vibration. Featuring state-of-the-art RF technology including a newly designed Fractional-N™ PLL system, the ultra high-speed circuitry provides stable data communications for the Delta datahead. A new speech compressor (Audio Compander function) provides crystal clear audio under noisy conditions.

The IC-F510 has a reversible front panel, which is readily mounted in any vehicle. The speaker can be adjusted in two directions, whilst keeping the front panel direction in an easy to use position for the operator. The unit has 5 buttons and 2 up/down keys that can be assigned functions to suit the user. An independent volume knob is incorporated, and backlighting on the keypad ensures easy night-time operation.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager for Icom UK Ltd said, 'Delta & Tango, combined with Icom's IC-F510 will provide taxi companies with a total solution for the future as well as giving them the flexibility to choose the booking system of their choice.'

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