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Large European Retailer Chooses Icom IP Advanced Radio System for Main Distribution Centre

Large European Retailer Chooses Icom IP Advanced Radio System for Main Distribution Centre

Lubianiec Piechocki i Partnerzy (LPP S.A.), one of the largest textile retailers in mainland Europe has introduced Icom’s new IP Advanced Radio System to provide two way communications for its main European distribution centre. The company is one of the latest organisations to see the many benefits of Icom’s innovative system that works over WLAN and IP Networks.

LPP S.A. based on Gdansk, Poland has purchased IP100H communication handsets together with a IP1000C IP Advanced Radio System Controller for its distribution centre. The system will provide communication between management and staff allowing them to meet despatch deadlines and targets.

Benefits of this system

• System installation throughout the whole building was completed quickly and efficiently because the company could use their existing wireless LAN network.
• Communication range of IP Radio System covers the distribution centre fully, regardless of fire proofing walls which were “obstacles” against their old wireless communications.
• No licence was required for the IP Radio System.
• Future system expansion will be easy. With Icom’s VE-PG3 RoIP gateway, the IP Radio System can interconnect with other technologies including IP phones, analogue radios and digital radios.

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