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Icom Support St John’s at World Superbikes

 Icom Support St John’s at World Superbikes

Radio Communications company, Icom UK Ltd recently came to the aid of the Farningham Division of Kent St John Ambulance at the European round of the World Superbikes Championship at Brands Hatch. The Farningham Division, whose primary customer is Brands Hatch found itself with a shortfall of radios as another major event running in the county meant the normal supply of extra radios was not available. Icom UK agreed to loan the St John 30 IC-F12 VHF handportable two way radios and 10 IC-F4GS UHF handportable two way radios to make up the deficit.

Jon Brooks, Marine and Avionics Dealer Manager Icom UK, who is himself a member of St John Ambulance, arranged the donation. He said,’ Icom UK has a long history with the voluntary sector and is a chosen supplier for many counties for both St John and the British Red Cross. So when I found out that the Farningham branch was having problems I approached our directors and they agreed to help.’

Jon delivered the radios himself and also assisted in engineering the control room for the weekend. This involved installing the antennas and setting up the radios in the control room. The control room equipment was also Icom comprising IC-F510, IC-F1010, IC-F2010 commercial mobiles, IC-PCR100 PC scanner as well as an Icom 17" TFT computer screen. The control radios were interfaced with the Fulcrum Voice Technologies: - Hands free Dispatcher Unit (HDU) allowing the interconnection of radio, foot PTT and headset.

Susan Page, County Staff Officer and Divisional Superintendent for Farningham Division said,’ I would like to say a big thank you to Icom UK. The loan of these two way radios was a great help to the overall running of the St John operations for this event. Radio plays such a vital role in the job we do. Without it we could not provide the professional service expected of us. We have used Icom radio's for many years and find them both cost effective and easy to use. Both these parameters are paramount to a charity like the St John"

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