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Icom puts B.I.I.S power in the palm of your hand

 Icom puts B.I.I.S power in the palm of your hand

Icom (UK) Ltd is pleased to announce that much of its range of Commercial Radios now features B.I.I.S (Binary Interchange of Information and Signalling) capabilities. This means that much of its range will allow digital communications, signalling and message exchange. The new capability will provide consumers a wider array of products for a variety of applications.

The first Icom portable radios to feature these enhanced communication capabilities are the popular IC-F31GS/GT series and the new, waterproof IC-F51/61 series. The IC-F51 submersible radio has quickly become a favourite radio of government agencies and emergency workers. With built-in tone signalling, 2-tone and 5-tone functions, wide frequency range coverage and large channel capacity, all in a waterproof body, the addition of B.I.I.S. compatibility to this radio makes it one of the most functional on the market.

The B.I.I.S enhancement enables digital signalling over the air that will provide features for vehicle and individual tracking when equipped with GPS equipment. In addition status messaging and short data messaging means users can receive text messages up to 95 characters long. Coupled with the ability to both send and receive ten status messages will mean more efficient and effective communication in time-sensitive situations.

BIIS offers impressive features that can be used to allow communication providers to more efficiently manage a large fleet of vehicles and people. This is a low-cost way to enhance the performance of any large fleet, from public safety to private business, that have the need to communicate with several vehicles instantly and accurately.

Radios with these advanced capabilities are available from Icom's comprehensive nation-wide dealer network. Also available with BIIS technology are Icom’s IC-F510 & IC-F1610 series of mobile radios

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