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British Explorer Breaks World Balloon Altitude Record

British Explorer Breaks World Balloon Altitude Record

At 07.46 US Mountain Time (USMT), Denver Flight Centre confirmed that British explorer and balloonist David Hempleman-Adams reached an altitude of 37,000 feet in a traditional open basket, Roziere Balloon. When temperature and barometer readings have been confirmed by a record observer from the FAI, David Hempleman-Adams could break up to seven records for all balloons in the Roziere category and break the world record set by Per Axel Lindstrand in 1996.

In a radio transmission using Icom radio equipment from the balloon, Mr Hempleman-Adams told the team he believed he had broken the world altitude record for a Roziere balloon. Following several months of meticulous planning, the launch took place in Greeley, just North of Denver, Colorado, USA at 06.31 USMT. Assisted by his technical ground crew, David took 1 hour 15 minutes to break the record. The attempt was officially verified by Barbara Moreton a record observer for the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI). Per Axel Lindstrand set the previous record of 10,859 metres in November 1996.

Speaking on behalf of Icom (UK) Ltd, Ian Lockyer Marketing Manager said, 'We are delighted to have seen another record breaking attempt from David. He is a real inspiration to our employees in the UK and has reinforced our companies philosophy of the benefits of working as a team and aiming higher.”

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