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Radios for the Fast Set – Icom UK and Martin Lynch help GB Children’s Ski Team to communicate!

Radios for the Fast Set – Icom UK and Martin Lynch help GB Children’s Ski Team to communicate!

Radio communication manufacturer, Icom (UK) Ltd and leading retailer Martin Lynch & Sons have recently supported the British Children’s Ski Team by supplying the members with radio communication equipment.

“When we received the initial enquiry, we approached Icom UK who were very pleased to help us put together an affordable package” said Chris Taylor, Sales Director of Martin Lynch. "Their equipment gets a tough old battering in all weathers but the IC-F12’s we are supplying are extremely robust – and easy to use, even with gloves on!”

Dr Jenny Shute, manager of the Children’s Team, was happy to concur – “We are very grateful to Chris and his friends at Icom for all their help; we need the radios to communicate between trainers on the mountain and on race days to feed information back to the next racers. Reliability, ease-of-use and battery life in cold weather are crucial – we have found Icom to be extremely sturdy.”

Martin Lynch & Sons operating from Chertsey are one of the largest specialist radio retailers, repairers and mail-order companies in the UK and were able to deliver the goods within days. Chris Taylor was pleased to hand over the new equipment, specially protected in a purpose-lined flight-bag, to Harry Craggs of the Children’s Squad, just in time for the first race of the season this weekend in Czechoslovakia. See picture above.

The Team have eight races in Europe during the season, including the unofficial World Championships, the Topolino Races in Italy in February. For further information on their progress – as well as criteria for selection – visit their website:

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