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IC-F34/F44G Series - Advanced functions packed in a tough, small, lightweight body

IC-F34/F44G Series - Advanced functions packed in a tough, small, lightweight body

Icom UK is pleased to announce its new generation of handheld radio transceivers. Aimed squarely at the commercial market, the IC-F34G/F44G series features a rugged small lightweight body, lithium ion battery technology as standard as well as other features including encryption, multiple tone signalling and 256 channels.

Four transceivers make up this exciting new range to meet the differing needs of a wide range of users. These include outdoor workers such as construction workers or those who work indoors such as warehouse staff. The models include the IC-F34GS and IC-F34GT for VHF and the IC-F44GS and IC-F44GT for UHF. The series is available with or without keypads.

The first thing you notice about the new radios is that they are very compact. In fact, they are 17% smaller and 27% lighter than their predecessors. The slim casing has been ergonomically designed so that it fits comfortably in the hand. The Icom hallmarks of durability and quality have not been sacrificed for style, as the new series meet the tough U.S. Military standards, MIL-810C, D and E for shock and vibration. These factors combine to provide high reliability, even in the toughest environments. In addition, all models have a large, clear, 8-character, alphanumeric, automatic backlit LCD that enables users to see the radio’s operating conditions.

Up to eight programmable buttons can be assigned, providing customised operation to suit individual needs. In particular, the red button at the top of the radio can be used for important functions such as emergency calls. The IC-F34G/F44G series includes a built-in voice scrambler that will ensure secure communications and privacy. This handheld range has been designed to support multiple signalling and flexible selective calling. All models feature CTCSS and DTCS encode/decode, 2/5-tone encode and BIIS capability standard. This means text messaging can be included, much like paging.

Developments in battery technology means that Icom are providing as standard a Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery to provide larger capacity and a longer operating time than a Ni-Cd or Ni-MH battery pack. This also allows flexible charging without memory effect

The series has many other features including; a 2-step power saver function to increase battery life; 8 Auto-dialing memories for DTMF; busy/repeater lockout functions; flash ROM CPU which will give the benefit of upgrading to software not standard on the radio such as text messaging; and an audio compander which creates even clearer receiver audio.

The radio comes as standard with a Li-ion battery, rapid charger, belt clip, comprehensive handbook. To give added confidence each model has a 2-year warranty. A comprehensive list of accessories is also available to make the IC-F44 adaptable to a variety of uses. Accessories include a wide variety of antennas, microphones, batteries, headsets and belt clips.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager said, 'The chassis and polycarbonate case has been designed to withstand the severe rigours of the commercial industry. This makes it suitable for a wide range of customers from the harshest environments such as the construction industry, farming, and utilities. Alternatively, because the radio is small and lightweight and packed full of the latest features, it is ideal for those users who require effective and simple radio communication indoors.'

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