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Icom Support Skiing for Kids in Need

Icom Support Skiing for Kids in Need

Radio Communication Company, Icom (UK) Ltd has recently played an important part in a World Water Ski Endurance Record attempt in aid of 'Orphans in Uganda'. The intention was to break the current record of 57hours at Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire between 20th and 22nd of June 2001. The event raised nearly £9,000 and provided its skier, Lloyd Parsons with both British and European Endurance Records.

Icom's involvement with this record attempt began in the middle of May when Chris Coffey, Project manager for 'Skiing for Kids in Need' approached the company to see if they could assist the project and supply a communications system between the skier and their boats VHF radio. Communication between the boat and the skier was identified as being vital if the attempt was to be a success. With over 50 hours of skiing, safety was a primary concern. Everyone involved knew that a good comms system could improve this.

David Philips, the current World record holder also identified that loneliness was the main barrier when originally setting his record attempt. He identified that if he had a comms solution with the ability to communicate with his boat he may have increased his record of 57 hours on the water.

Providing the radio communications solution for the world water ski record attempt was surprisingly easy. Despite the problems of noise from the boat and water ingress, Icom (UK) Ltd instantly had the answer.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Executive at Icom said, 'Lloyd needed an unobtrusive waterproof solution. The answer was to supply the project with 2 IC-M1EuroV VHF waterproof handportable transceivers and the waterproof Comunica Seaset headset. The IC-M1EuroV, currently used by HM Coastguard was suitable because of its performance and submersibility. Its Lithium Ion battery meant that it could last up to 27 hours. Together with the high-performance waterproof Seaset headset the team had a combination suitable for the toughest of conditions.'

Lloyd Parsons was forced to give up his world record attempt because of an injury on the second day of his bid. Although he had hoped to ski around Milford Haven for 57 hours in a bid to beat the current world record, Lloyd still achieved the British and European Water Ski Endurance Record and raised thousands of pounds for a children's hospital in Uganda.

Chris Coffey, Project Manager of Skiing for Kids in Need said, 'In an event of this scale, juggling complex logistics, communication was everything. It was the difference between guessing and knowing that the boat and skier were of one mind. Teamwork was central to our effort and communication is the heart of teamwork.'

Lloyd Parsons who is now the British and European Water Ski Endurance Holder said, 'It made all the difference, particularly at night. It made continuous water-skiing 100 times safer and 500 times less boring! Thanks Icom!

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Executive,' Although the world record wasn't achieved, I feel that this project was a success. Lots of money has been raised for charity, Lloyd is now a record holder and I am especially pleased that our radios and the Comunica headset have worked so well.'

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