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M.E.S. Supply Red Funnel with Icom Two Way Radios

M.E.S. Supply Red Funnel with Icom Two Way Radios

Southampton based Marine Electronic Supplies (M.E.S.) has recently won a substantial contract to supply Red Funnel Ferries with 31 Icom IC-F3GS VHF two way handheld radio transceivers. The contract, awarded on 31st May 2001, also includes the supply of radio accessories, lapel microphones, spare batteries and leather cases.

Red Funnel Ferries is part of the Red Funnel Group, which operates vehicle and high-speed ferry services between Southampton and Cowes on the Isle of Wight. The company caters for a wide range of customers including holidaymakers, islanders and commuters. The radio equipment will be used to assist Red Funnel staff in the loading and unloading of cars and passengers travelling to and from the Isle of Wight.

Captain Stewart Ferrier, representative of Red Funnel Ferries said about the contract, ‘When we decided to upgrade our onboard handheld radios we contacted quite a few companies. M.E.S. is already a supplier to Red Funnel having previously provided us with Position Finding equipment for our vessels. The service and enthusiasm received from the MES team has always impressed us so when they suggested that we purchase the new Icom handheld we took their advice.'

Simon Wood, Sales Executive of M.E.S. said, ‘We are delighted to win this contract. Red Funnel are one of the most visible brand names along the South Coast and we are very pleased to be supplying them again.’

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Executive of Icom (UK) Ltd said,' The IC-F3GS is our latest PMR (Private Mobile Radio) transceiver. Already it is being taken up by a whole host of blue chip companies, public organisations and large construction firms. To see this commercial product being used in such a non-traditional setting shows its flexibility.'

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