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I-Track Portable Personnel Management System

I-Track Portable Personnel Management System

Radio Communication Company, Icom (UK) Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of I-Track Portable, a personnel management tracking system designed to work on an Icom Handheld fleet or together with the I-Track Vehicle Management Tracking system. I-Track Portable is aimed at organisations with operatives at street level such as traffic wardens or mobile fleets such as bike couriers. The range of applications for this product is immense.

I-Track Portable operates on the Icom IC-F31GT high tier advanced radio, and will allow any organisation to track, communicate and manage its employees more productively. Utilising FFSK software and an attached lightweight GPS receiver this system allows an operator based at HQ to monitor employees' movements, retrieving details such as a route plan and verifying that they have travelled along a predefined route.

Icom radio technology is incorporated at the heart of I-Track so that operators can also send voice messages as well as text and status messages (utilising the IC-F31GT 2 line scrolling display.) This creates a powerful two-way communication tool that is capable of enhancing an organisation's performance and productivity.

The standard equipment used in I-Track Portable comprises the I-Track client program (supplied on CD), Microsoft Map point data (also supplied on CD)., IC-F1610 transceiver programmed for base station installation, IC-F31GT Programmed for each employee (see picture on right) and the remote speaker/microphone with built in GPS (worn on user's lapel, see picture on right)

The I-Track client program runs on a standard IBM compatible personal computer. You can view data showing an employee's position and track their history overlaid on a Microsoft land cartography display. I-Track keeps an historical database of people's movements, giving you the ability to review route activity, current and past.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager for Icom (UK) Ltd said “I-Track offers significant benefits to a wide range of organisations including improved communications major cost savings over other technologies and a swifter reaction to customer demands. In addition I-Track Portable provides improved security piece of mind for an organisations employees. Today, organisations have to be more security conscious. Whether in an industry where operatives face daily abuse, or even attack, I-Track can be used to pinpoint the exact location of your operative and can also instruct a nearby colleague to assist."

He further said, "Each system is tailored and interfaced to provide the user with a cost-effective solution to meet their management requirements. It has hundreds of applications and is ideal for any company wanting to manage their staff or fleet of vehicles more efficiently and effectively."

Icom UK Marketing -

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