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Marine Radio found after 7 months at Sea…And Still Working

Marine Radio found after 7 months at Sea…And Still Working

Ian Buchanen, a fish farmer, from the Isle of Lewis lost his Icom IC-M1EuroV VHF handheld radio over the side of his boat, he didn’t expect to see it again. But 7 months later the radio was washed ashore off the West Coast of Lewis and it was found by a friend of Ian who gave it back to him. Ian washed the radio down, put a new battery on the radio and was amazed when it worked straight away.

Ian said, 'I was really surprised to see it returned. I put a new battery on it, because where I work we use a fleet of Icom radios. It fired up immediately. Truly amazing but no great surprise because I know how good Icom products are as I personally have an IC-M601 VHF Fixed transceiver and an IC-M1Euro VHF handheld transceiver on my boat.

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