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Icom Radios chosen for Scottish Parliament Security

Icom Radios chosen for Scottish Parliament Security

The Scottish Parliament, one of the most outstanding architectural buildings in Europe and a symbol for Scottish democracy has recently chosen an Icom radio system as part of its communication infrastructure.

The Security Force at the Scottish Parliament are using Icom’s compact IC-F61 UHF handheld transceiver. They have 55 of these radios with additional units being purchased by other departments including Facilities Management. The IC-F61 was chosen because of its size, its long-lasting Lithium Ion battery (providing up to 10 hours of radio operating time) and voice encryption providing secure group communication.

The radio system has been designed to provide discrete, covert communication between each security officer, whether they are on the outskirts of the building or in the main chambers. Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom (UK) Ltd said, ’With important matters of state going on, the Security Force needed a discrete system in the background to allow the team to communicate, especially when Parliament is sitting. This is why a compact radio with attached covert earpiece was chosen, so that it can be discretely worn under the officer’s uniform. In case of emergency, the equipment allows the officer to deal with the incident quickly and most importantly, discreetly.’

The unusual structural design meant that an UHF radio system was needed. The Parliament has 7 levels, two of which are below ground level. The building is made up of a variety of materials including stone, steel and concrete which means that it is difficult to get radio coverage. The initial problem of getting radio coverage was solved by placing two antennas at opposite ends of the building. This has maximised radio coverage and allows officers to communicate effectively.’

The Security Force is kept very busy with a wide range of people visiting the building. The Parliament is not only the nation’s legislature; it is also becoming one of the fastest growing tourist attractions in Scotland with around 400,000 visitors already. Such has been the curiosity behind the building that the Parliament receives a wide range of visitors including MP’s, Royalty; foreign dignitaries and the general public.’

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom (UK) Ltd said, ‘I am absolutely delighted that the Scottish Parliament has chosen Icom radios as part of its radio system. The Scottish Parliament is one of the most prestigious buildings in the UK and it is good to know that our radios are meeting the challenge of such an important user. ‘

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