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Radio Communication Given Xtreme Action

Radio Communication Given Xtreme Action

'Radio communications plays an important part in the organisation of Jetski events' says Paul Hughes, Director of Xtreme Action. When you run Water shows you have got to ensure that everything runs efficiently and that the whole team on the water knows what is going on. Radio equipment is important to us for safety, communication and ensuring that our shows always run smoothly. Without these radios, we wouldn't be able to run the shows.' Xtreme Action organises many water and land based events each year, both in the UK and abroad. They have staged big displays in Cardiff, Lincoln, Hull, Leicester & Plymouth as well as taking 212 British Jet skiers and running one of the largest water shows with over 80 performers including the Tampa Bay waterski show team in Ibiza this year.

Currently Xtreme Action uses a fleet of IC-M1EuroV VHF marine handhelds for communication on water and a fleet of IC-F12 VHF commercial handhelds to help with running the events on land. Paul said, ''There is constant pressure when you run these shows. It's all about getting the timings right and making sure that you can get hold of people. When one performance finishes, another act starts so you have to be on top of the situation. The alternative if we didn't have radios would be to go out to the water and shout directions. That is a non starter.'

He continues, 'Our marine radios are used predominantly for safety. They are used to contact the rest of our team, the coastguard and Harbour Master. Radio communication is vital because everybody can be on the same channel and in close communication with each other. We can contact the Harbour Master to cordon off an area or to keep the shipping lanes clear if there is a display. Radio communications keep everybody totally aware and helps to keep the Harbour Master happy…always a good move This is especially important when we use flares and pyrotechnics during the show.'

Paul Hughes is positive that Jet Skiers should use VHF radios, 'VHF should be an important purchase for all Jet skiers. Every single boat enthusiast around the world has VHF when they are out to sea, so why shouldn't jet skiers use them. Jet skiers can travel further than 2 miles out to sea. VHF will keep them safe, allowing them to call for help, as mobile phones don't have coverage that far out at sea.'

In closing, Paul Hughes said, 'Thanks Icom for the sponsorship this season and all your support. I have worked with a lot of radios during my time but yours are far the best.'

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