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Tune into Icom's Latest PC Radio Receiver

The IC-PCR1500 is a new versatile receiver that give you complete access to broadcast bands across the widest range of frequencies ever seen in a product of this type (from 0.01 to 3299.999MHz in AM, FM, Wide FM, FM Stereo and 0.495- 1300MHz in SSB and CW modes). Controlled from your computer, the sleek black box allows you to scan and listen to international, national, regional and local broadcast radio stations plus many more interesting frequencies such as the HAM (Radio Amateur) bands, the marine band and Airband - including air traffic control. You can even listen to terrestrial TV sound.

The IC-PCR1500 is a PC control receiver and everything is controlled by the click of the mouse or by keyboard input. The IC-PCR1500 is supplied with a USB cable to provide high data transmission and allows you to transfer the received audio and record the sound onto your PC. Unlike past scanners that could only hold few memory channels the IC-PCR1500 stores the channels in your PC so you can store as many channels as your remaining PC memory space will allow.

To make operating easy the software has three interactive computer screens. The first is a simplified version that is small enough to run alongside other applications. Replicating a piece of hi-fi equipment, this displays basic information such as frequency, whilst still providing immediate access to the important controls such as volume and 5 quick access memory buttons. The second is a “component-style” screen which is divided into 4 sections including “Tuning”, “Mode/Volume”, “Meter/Scan” and “Scope Panel”. This screen is suitable for users who are already familiar with a full-function communications receiver. The third is a multifunctional screen that gives control of all functions and looks similar to an advanced communication receiver.

The IC-PCR1500s multi channel monitor function allows you to observe the status of up to 25 channels on the screen at a glance, according to the s-meter level, channel activities are indicated by three background colours on the screen. When you click a channel button on the screen you can easily start listening to the selected channel.

The IC-PCR1500 has two types of bandscope function allowing you to easily observe the band condition within a specified bandwidth or a specified time period, when you find the signal you want click on the waveform in the bandscope screen and the receiving frequency moves to the clicked frequency.

There are many other great features including; voice squelch control opens the squelch only when a voice signal is heard; CTCSS and DTCS tones provide quiet stand-by while waiting for a matched tone signal; a recording function allows you to store received audio on the PC in WAV format.

As well as the IC-PCR1500 Icom has launched the IC-R1500 which is ideal for standalone use. The IC-R1500 is supplied with its own remote control head for mobile or base station use and features high speed scanning capability of 60 channels per second and when connected to a computer it can operate in the same way as the IC-PCR1500.

The IC-PCR1500 comes complete with control software (CD), power supply, antenna and USB cable. The IC-R1500 is supplied with power supply, controller, 3.4 metres controller cable, control software (CD), antenna and USB cable.

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