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Icom UK Support Pete Goss Gore-Tex Arctic RIB Challenge

Icom UK Support Pete Goss Gore-Tex Arctic RIB Challenge

Icom UK is supporting a team of RIB enthusiasts, including sailing hero Pete Goss and RIB Magazine Publisher, Hugo Montgommery Swan who will be undertaking an intrepid adventure to the Arctic this summer in two tiny, six metre Rigid Inflatable Boats. Icom will be supplying each boat with its MA-500TR Class B AIS transponder and IC-M505 VHF/ DSC transceivers.

The integrated Icom package provides a complete, compact and waterproof communication solution for each RIB providing VHF communication, Digital Selective Calling (DSC) and Automatic Identification System (AIS). The MA-500TR will provide each vessel with the ability to monitor other vessels in their area as well as the ability to actively notify other vessels of the teams exact location, thus aiding their navigation and increasing their safety at sea.

Speaking at the launch, Hugo Montgomery-Swan, said: “We seek to be modern-day footstep followers of the Vikings, amongst the greatest small-boat navigators to ever traverse the northern seas, as we endeavour in some small way, aboard our little craft, to aspire to their open-boat prowess and spirit of adventure.

Over six days the group will have to battle against all that the North Sea can throw at them. The open vessels will offer little protection from the icy winds as they travel an average 120 miles per day at around 20 knots all the way to the Arctic. Their longest day will see them travel 230 nautical miles in a gruelling 11.5 hour stint.

Speaking of his involvement in the challenge, Pete Goss said: “My first experience of RIBs was during my time with the Royal Marines and from that moment I was hooked. Having owned a couple of big RIBs for the Team Philips project, I’ve learned how capable these boats can be in testing ship to shore operations and also how much fun they can be of course!

“What I haven’t had the opportunity of experiencing until now, is their full offshore potential. The thrill of taking two small RIBs over 100 miles offshore is what drew me to this challenge. It will be testing for sure, but immense fun too, plus the Humber 6m RIBs will make the perfect ‘vehicles’ for exploring the rugged Scottish coastlines, the fjords of Norway and the dramatic cliffs at truly close quarters.”

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK Ltd said, "Icom UK has always placed a great importance to the RIB industry and has always seen that our products are a natural fit for RIBs. As a great supporter of RIB International over the years and knowing the quality of everyone involved with the project, we jumped at the chance of supplying each boat with the Icom IC-M505 VHF/ DSC and our new MA-500TR Class B AIS transponder. We strongly identify with the ambitions of the project and wish everyone involved every success. Good luck!"

To find out more about the Arctic Challenge and follow the adventure, which will take place between June 27 and July 9, visit

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