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Icom UK, Official Two Way Radio Communication Supplier to Race2Recovery for its 2013 Dakar Rally campaign!

Icom UK, Official Two Way Radio Communication Supplier to Race2Recovery for its 2013 Dakar Rally campaign!

Icom UK is proud to announce that it is the official Two Way Radio Communication Supplier to Race2Recovery for its 2013 Dakar Rally campaign. Icom will provide IC-F3002 VHF Commercial Two Way Radios and accesories as Race2Recovery prepares to tackle the most arduous motoring adventure in the world.

It is a natural fit for Icom's brand with extraordinary communications challenges facing the Race2Recovery team as they traverse 9,000km over some of the world's most challenging terrain, through three countries in just 15 days.

Race2Recovery driver and co-founder Captain Tony Harris (left) said: "We are incredibly proud that Icom has chosen to support our Dakar Rally campaign. To have the endorsement of such a renowned communications brand is invaluable to us as we work towards next year's event and will be pivotal in coordinating the logistics and support team throughout the race."

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK said, ‘Icom UK are extremely pleased to support Race2Recovery with IC-F3002 VHF Commercial Two Way Radios. We chose the IC-F3002 for its simplicity in use in combination with its ruggedness, waterproofing level and battery life. The easy to use controls are intuitive for those that are not used to operating two radios. Their performance in terms of audio and range for a model of this size is ideal for the projects needs.’

The IC-F3002 commercial two way radios will be used during convoy road moves (line of sight comms) allowing the team manager to speak to all team assistance cars and trucks. This will enable safe convoy operations, allowing the team to respond effectively to any incidents or urgent passage-of-information needs en route (breakdown, accident, navigation check etc). These six radio units will be divided between the teams three Land Rover Discovery’s and two T5 support lorries.

The radios will also be used during over night stops in between racing stages. With over 200 race teams, over 2500 people occupy a desert encampment which measures 1km x 1.5km square, so the team will use the same VHF handsets for comms between key individuals as they move between media events, medical reviews, organiser meetings etc. Thus the Icom handsets will form the core of the team's intra-bivouac comms; enabling very fast response to an ever-changing environment.

Why are we supporting Race2Recovery? Ian said, ‘Icom UK have a reputation for supporting the extraordinary and the story behind Race2Recovery is no exception. To overcome physical and mental adversity and set up this ambitious project is proof of the resilience of the human spirit and testimony that anything can be achieved. Icom UK are really proud to be supporting this project with two way radio communications. We wish the team, every success.’

The Race2Recovery Foundation charity is directing all funds raised to Help For Heroes which will then be restricted to supporting the Tedworth House Personal Recuperation and Assessment Centre. It also hopes to inspire the wider disabled community to realise their goals by demonstrating that injury or disability needn't be the end of one's dreams.

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